Crash Test Dummies: Surprising Lessons from the Book of Judges




You’ve seen them, haven’t you? They ride in the front seats of expensive cars and drive headlong into a brick wall. And then they do it again. And again. They’re crash test dummies. Why do they keep doing the same dumb thing over and over again? Or maybe a better question is, why do we?

In this study on the Book of Judges, author Talbot Davis explore the stories of the judges from the perspective of the Israelites’ repeated failure to be faithful to God alone. Through his creative, quirky angle on the book, Davis highlights how the Israelites in Judges made the same mistake of apostasy over and over again. Each time God delivered them, they eventually fell back into the predictable, tragic pattern.

As he explores each judge’s story, Davis invites readers to consider the shape that patterns of sin take in our lives, and how God seeks to free us from them and empower us for faithful living. Readers will come to know the Book of Judges and its central characters more deeply, and they will come to appreciate this biblical book as a source of wisdom for living well.

Discussion questions and a practical focus for each week will also accompany each chapter.


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