What if I told you it’s entirely possible for you to never write or find a sermon outline again?

If you’re a preacher, I’ve got good news for you!

I’ve written a free guide for you, based on my book Simplify the Message, Multiply the Impact to teach you how to write sermons with no outline.

No more buying books with titles like Sermon Outlines from the Psalms.
No more web searches for Killer Sermon Outlines for the 21st Century.
No more hand wringing trying to find the three points that both alliterate and rhyme.

You’ll be free at last!

Download my free guide today and you’ll learn:

  • How to get the people of your church engaged with the Scriptures.
  • How to get people to be captivated by taking them on a sermon adventure.
  • How to empower people to apply Scripture to their lives.
  • How to organize your thoughts and present them in a way that doesn’t require the work of an outline.
  • How to save time and effort in your sermon planning and writing.

PLUS…I’ll include my Sermon Planning Worksheet as a free BONUS!

Get Instant Access:

About The Author

Talbot Davis

I’m the pastor behind Simplify the Message. Like you…I lead a congregation every week and have experienced many of the same challenges you face.

Through Abingdon Press, I have published five books to serve as resources for both life groups and preachers in training. My Bible study book, Solve, reached the Washington Post’s best seller list thanks to churches who selected it for their church-wide Bible study.

My sixth book, Simplify The Message, Multiply the Impact, shares my experiences and habits that have helped me grow as a preacher and a follower of Christ. Learn how sermons and messaging can be rooted in history and connected to modernity, and how you can deliver Christ-centered messages to break through the noise of culture.