How to Teach Without Notes

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Simplify the Message is a course by Talbot Davis designed to help you improve your preaching.

You’ll learn:

  • How to move from preaching a 3-point outline to a pointed point” sermon.
  • How to define and create a bottom line.
  • Types of one-point sermons.
  • How to dig deeper into scripture to draw out and celebrate the sermon adventure.
  • How to use the rhetorical tensions of scripture to help people grow.
  • How to have a bigger impact by empowering & unleashing scripture in people’s lives.
  • How to move from brainstorming about your sermons to brain hurricaning.
  • The importance of wordsmithing and leveraging the power of words as you preach.
  • How to preach without using notes to stay more engaged with your audience.
  • How to create sermon series that pop.
  • Delivery techniques that will make your sermons memorable for years to come.

And how to do it all in a way that honors God, is faithful to the Truth, and helps lead people to lifechange.

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Nine Video Course Modules / Sessions


Fill-in-the-Blank Participant Workbook

Simplify the Message, Multiply the Impact Book


Additional Coaching Webinars + Other Bonuses

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