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Turns Out You CAN Come Home Again …

Here’s our son Riley Davis and his wife Natalie enjoying ice cream on the recently re-opened streets of Prague, Czech Republic. read more

Top Five Tuesday — Top Five Rolling Stones Songs

Last week the Rolling Stones released an extraordinary song inspired by the Coronavirus Pandemic:  Living In A Ghost Town.  It’s a little bit of “Miss You,” a little more of “Shattered,” and a little most of “Your Love Is Strong” all rolled into one.  Check it out: read more

#TBT — Princeton Tennis, 1982

I received this photo in a group text with some college tennis friends this week.  What memories! read more

The Pastoral Sherlock Holmes — Preaching And The Sacred Act Of Noticing

Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes is one of the most portrayed characters in the history of fiction, film, and stage. Doyle’s four novels and fifty-six short stories involving Scotland Yard’s favorite sleuth have multiplied into hundreds of movies, television programs, and stage productions. Holmes is so ubiquitous that many people believe that this fictional character was in fact a historic figure. No, he was not. Archetypal, perhaps. Composite, most assuredly. Historical, no. read more