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From InterestED To InterestING

I still remember a conversation that, paradoxically, led me into full-time ministry. read more

Sherlock Holmesing Congregation & Community: Preaching & The Sacred Act Of NOTICING

Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes is one of the most portrayed characters in the history of fiction, film, and stage. Doyle’s four novels and fifty-six short stories involving Scotland Yard’s favorite sleuth have multiplied into hundreds of movies, television programs, and stage productions. Holmes is so ubiquitous that many people believe that this fictional character was in fact a historic figure. No, he was not. Archetypal, perhaps. Composite, most assuredly. Historical, no. read more

Missing Peace, Week 4 — “Need To Know Basis”

It’s Friday and I’m already pretty keyed up for Sunday. read more

A Chance Encounter, A Frustrated Newspaper Career, And UN-Learning As The Key To Wordsmithing

Many moons ago, I had a chance encounter with the late Ben
Haden, a Chattanooga-based pastor with the Presbyterian
Church of America who enjoyed a measure of fame with the television
ministry Changed Lives. Our conversation was on the bucolic
grounds of Camp-of-the-Woods in the Adirondack Mountains,
where I spent a collegiate summer teaching tennis (what else?) and
he spent a week as the guest preacher. read more

What Getting Stuck In The Australian Outback Taught Me About Designing A Sermon. Really!

When I was fourteen, my parents and my older brother Clayton
(he is number seven out of eight, and I round it out
taking the eighth place) and I spent a semester in Australia. My father
was nearing the end of his career as a member of the faculty in
the School of Law at Southern Methodist University (SMU) in Dallas
and he decided to take a six-month study sabbatical in the land
down under. To this day, I have a sneaking suspicion he did a bit
more sabbathing than studying, but that’s not the point of this story
(which, as you know by now, must have only one point). read more

Top Five Tuesday — Top Five Ways Being The Eighth Of Eight Davises Still Influences Me

A lot of you know this, but here goes: I am the eighth of eight children. No blending. All biological. All Davis, all the time. read more