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Top Five Tuesday — Top Five “I Want To Preach Like …”

Occasionally I will hear or see or read people in other disciplines of either art or communication or sports and think to myself:  “That’s the way I’d like to preach …” read more

#TBT — May 1980 Which Makes It FORTY YEARS AGO

The school was Highland Park High School and our nickname was the Scots. read more

Why Use Words When You Can Smith Them?

Some preachers use words.  Other preachers smith them.  One of my growing edges in ministry over the last decade or so has been to abandon the former and embrace the latter. read more

A Mother’s Day Gift Birthed On Easter

This Mother’s Day gift is one of my favorite things ever. read more

Top Five Tuesday — Top Five Moody Blues Songs

Art rock.  Psychadelic rock.  Prog rock.  Whatever you want to call it the Moody Blues were at the forefront of it. read more

Where’s The Beef

On Wednesday night our Children’s Ministry Team hosted a drive through Hamburger Project. read more

Preaching For DECISION While Remembering MOTIVATION

As thrilling as it is to ensure that at least a moment in every sermon points to Christ and him crucified, it is even moreso when sermons issue an urgent yet loving appeal to surrender to his Lordship. Doing this well involves doing it with variety. It includes recognizing that people come in with very different understanding of their own needs. read more