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#TBT — I Found A Forehand! Summer, 1980

On Throwback Thursdays, I often dig up old tennis photos, and those photos usually feature my backhand or my serve.  Those were my two best shots. read more

When Church Enables

I’ve had a sense through the years that churches in general and this church in particular need to take more care to avoid enabling unhealthy behaviors. read more

Top Five Tuesday — Top Five “Advice Cliches” That Really Aren’t Very Helpful

Many times, WITH THE BEST OF INTENTIONS, we offer advice that is actually counter-productive.  We lean on tried and true cliches to encourage people facing life’s dilemmas, and if they follow OUR ADVICE / THE WORLD’S CLICHES disaster is likely to be the result. read more

“It Runs In The Family,” Week 4 — “Deep Pockets”

God has been very good to us during the “It Runs In The Family” series.  I have sensed that many of you have begun to live its truths and principles inside your homes. read more

Preaching & The Sacred Act Of Noticing

I am moved by the self-awareness of poet and memoirist Patricia Lockwood. Here’s how she words it in the best-selling Priestdaddy: read more

A Bit Of Creekside Reading

Last week, one of Julie’s friends took a hike in the North Carolina mountains and decided to bring some reading material with her. read more

Top Five Tuesday — Top Five Things To Know About Our Upcoming Outdoor Service

This Sunday, August 16, 2020, we start a new chapter in the middle of this surreal season at Good Shepherd:  a simplified outdoor worship service at the Moss Campus at 8:30 a.m. read more