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Who Shot JR? And How That Relates To Preaching …

On November 21, 1980, more than 350 million people around the world to watch the season premiere of the prime time TV soap opera, Dallas. Why the extraordinary global audience? read more

Top Five Tuesday — Top Five Reflections On A Week In Texas

As some of you know, I spent Monday through Friday of last week in and around Austin, Texas. While there, I was able to spend a few days with my mother (more on that below) and lead a Simplify The Message workshop (more on that below as well).  All the while, I was able to realize yet again that while I may have left Texas a long time ago, a big part of it has never left me. read more

Loving Our Schools Well

Last night, the Olympic High School football team honored Good Shepherd as its “Biggest Supporter.” read more

Guest Blogger Claude Kayler, Founding Pastor Of Good Shepherd: “A ‘Discovered’ Sermon From 1992 & The Art Of Seeing What’s Not Yet There”

In my new role as a coach and consultant, I no longer have a great big office (as I did when I was a pastor). Nowadays my office (well, really my desk) is in the room where our grandson sleeps when he spends the night. read more

The “Bridge Over Troubled Water” Of Ministry

In reading David Browne’s Fire And Rain, a musical & cultural exploration of the pivotal-but-overlooked year of 1970, I learned some interesting factoids about Simon & Garfunkel’s iconic Bridge Over Troubled Water. read more

The Problem Of God, Week 1 — “The Problem Of God’s Existence”

What do you do when your faith raises so many questions that you’re not sure you can even claim it as your own anymore? read more