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Top Five Tuesday — Top Five New Phrases In Our Common Language

Have you noticed that over the last few weeks our world has changed? read more

#TBT — March, 1996

Since there is no March Madness year, how’s this throwback for that time for those of us with an alma mater in New Jersey, March was the maddest of them all.  UCLA was the defending national champion, by the way. read more

How I Answered Five Questions About Preaching

As part of its ongoing Leadership Development process, the Western North Carolina Conference of the United Methodist Church asked five of its preachers to answer five specific questions about the craft. read more

Top Five Tuesday — Top Five Reflections On The Passing Of A Charlotte Legend

Lost among the upheaval of All Corona All The Time was yesterday’s death of one our city’s most dignified characters, Ty Boyd.  He was 88. read more

Double Sermon Rewind

With the surreality of our current situation which led to Livestream worship only, here’s what we did: read more

Sermon Killers

Preachers: you don’t want to walk people through a sermon outline. read more

TOP FIVE TUESDAY — Top Five Things To Know About Why And How THESE PEOPLE Represented You In India

In the photo below you will see our just-returned India 2020 mission team.  From left are PR Misra (Indian host whose brother JR is a long time GSUMCer), James-Michael Smith, Brooke Presley, Linda Land, Anju Misra (PR’s wife), Doug Berryhill, and Chris Thayer. read more

When A Sermon Series Become More Than A Series Of Semrons

Good Shepherd Church has been involved in the battle against human trafficking, and in particular what we called the rape-for-profit industry, since 2007.  Motivated by what we had heard at a recent conference, we organized a single, stand alone Sunday called Not For Sale, in which the entire Sunday offering (no, NOT a special offering; the kit and the caboodle) went to the International Justice Mission (  At that time the church’s typically Sunday offering was just under $40,000 a week.  The people of the church responded to Not For Sale with $84,000 of loving generosity – all of which went immediately to IJM. read more