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Top Five Tuesday — Top Five Sermon Starters

We preachers spend a lot of time crafting the opening moments of our sermons. read more

To Illustrate? Or Animate?

We preachers spend a lot of time and energy trying to bring life to our sermons through what have historically been called illustrations. read more

Podcasting With Seedbed On Building Good Sermon Series

At the 2015 New Room Conference, hosted by Seedbed Ministries, I led a seminar called Series That Pop And Sermons That Stick. read more

Why I Write Sermon Manuscripts

As a lot of you know, I write a sermon manuscript virtually every week. read more

The “How To Prevent Daddy Issues” Sermon Rewind

Yesterday’s message was one of moderating and not moderating. read more

When A Church Has Horsepower

Do you remember those scenes in old Western movies in which a stagecoach raced across the American plain? read more