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How Does Clarity in Church Mission Reinforce Clarity in Preaching?

Here is just about the highest accolade I can give to Will Mancini, church consultant, author, and founder of Auxano:  my wife Julie ALWAYS says she wants to meet him in person because after he brought his brand of coaching to Good Shepherd, I began to sleep so much better at night.  By my count, that’s a full decade of good slumber! read more

Pastor Preaching Workshops with Guest Luke Mitchell

Last year, I spent three days in Orlando, Florida, at a gathering for pastors. It was three days of worship, education, information, encouragement, and fellowship. I talked with quite a few pastors during that event, but my conversation with good friend (and new father) Luke Mitchell of Hillsdale UMC near Winston-Salem caught my attention:  read more

Some New Math

I’ve realized something in talking with church leaders and trying to understand momentum in church: read more

A Tale Of Two Series

A year ago at this time (May of 2010), Good Shepherd was knee deep into the hoopla of a series called The Office. Taking a cue from the hit television show, we explored office morality and ethics from a biblical perspective. read more

I Should Have Said This

Every once in awhile, I think of something I should have said in a sermon. read more