Author: talbot-davis

A Good Night At Good Shepherd

Tuesday ended up being a good night for me at Good Shepherd. read more

Top Five Tuesday — Top Five Sermon Starters

We preachers spend a lot of time crafting the opening moments of our sermons. read more

The Perfect Gift

One of the guys in my LifeGroup brought me this gift earlier this week. read more

Top Five Tuesday — Top Five Ways Asbury Seminary STILL Influences Me

One day awhile back, I looked out the front door of our church and saw a man whom I did not know using his smart phone to take pictures of our facility. read more

Love Handles, Week 1 — The “Explanations & Excuses” Sermon Rewind

How do you fit insights from the latest Great American Novel, the recovery community, Psalm 37, and some wordsmithing around “explanation & excuses” all into the opening message a series called Love Handles? read more

A Second Look At Biblical Leadership

I’ve got to confess something this morning. read more

When Theology Becomes Doxology

A number of people at Good Shepherd for whom I have the greatest respect share a common characteristic:  they have an exalted view of Christ. read more