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When A Sermon Series Become More Than A Series Of Semrons

Good Shepherd Church has been involved in the battle against human trafficking, and in particular what we called the rape-for-profit industry, since 2007.  Motivated by what we had heard at a recent conference, we organized a single, stand alone Sunday called Not For Sale, in which the entire Sunday offering (no, NOT a special offering; the kit and the caboodle) went to the International Justice Mission (  At that time the church’s typically Sunday offering was just under $40,000 a week.  The people of the church responded to Not For Sale with $84,000 of loving generosity – all of which went immediately to IJM. read more

Top Five Tuesday — Top Five Reflections On A Week In Texas

As some of you know, I spent Monday through Friday of last week in and around Austin, Texas. While there, I was able to spend a few days with my mother (more on that below) and lead a Simplify The Message workshop (more on that below as well).  All the while, I was able to realize yet again that while I may have left Texas a long time ago, a big part of it has never left me. read more

Top Five Tuesday — Top Five Times Sports Have Made Me Sad

It’s been just over two years ago when, in the euphoria of Roger Federer’s sixth Australian Open and 20th grand slam overall, I wrote this piece that essentially declared the era of Djokovic & Nadal to be dead, gone, and buried.  It might have been pretty good writing but it was pretty awful predicting. read more

“Called” — A Student Winter Retreat

This past weekend, over 200 Good Shepherd students and volunteers ventured to nearby Crowder’s Ridge Camp for their annual Winter Retreat. read more

A Sermon Where I Recovered My Voice

Can I tell you about a sermon in which I recovered my voice? read more

Top Five Tuesday — Top Five Things To Know About SimplifyTheMessage.Com

Last Tuesday, the book Simplify The Message; Multiply The Impact officially “dropped.” read more