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Ann Patchett & The Art Of Sermonating

If you’ve been following this blog at all, you know that I’m an enormous fan of the fiction of Ann PatchettState Of Wonder and Bel Canto are two of the most beautiful and most engaging novels I’ve read in years. read more

Top Five Tuesday — Top Five (Or More) GOAT Songs From Artists I Forgot Last Tuesday

Last Tuesday’s “Top Five” became more like a Top Twenty-Six, as I listed my person GOAT songs for a whole host of music artists. read more

The Heart Of Pastoring

A Good Shepherd friend and I were emailing earlier this week, and our conversation drifted into the different personal styles of some of the pastors on our staff. read more

Top Five (Or WAY More) Tuesday — My GOAT Songs For A Bunch Of Artists

We all have them.  Our favorite songs for each band/artist. In modern terms, our GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) songs from the musicians who have influenced and enriched us. read more

When Sermon Design Meets Artistic Expression

Earlier this week, I had a Zoom meeting with a United Methodist colleague in which the topic of conversation was preaching. read more

Finding A Sermon Buried In A Dawes Song

In “Just My Luck,” a melancholic ballad that revisits a chance encounter with a lost love, the Dawes Band offers this insight: read more