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When You ATTEND A Wedding But Don’t PRESIDE At It

Back on December 28, 2019 (the last decade, depending on how you count it), I attended a wedding at which I did not preside. read more

Top Five Tuesday — Five (Or Seven) More Great Dawes Songs

Back in November, I had a blog about my new favorite Band, Dawes, while listing their top five songs. You can read it here. read more

#TBT — Cotton Bowl TENNIS, 1983

When I was a kid, the week between Christmas and New Year’s typically meant the Cotton Bowl. read more

“God With Us,” Week 5 — The “Bigger Bang” Sermon Map

Sermon map? What about a sermon rewind?

Well, yesterday’s message was as departure in a few notable ways.

First, it was mapped out but never manuscripted.

Second, it drew a distinction between the view of time in Eastern religions — it is endlessly cyclical — and time in Judeo-Christian thought — it had a beginning and is headed towards a culmination.

Early Christians tied Advent’s anticipation to Second Coming anticipation The first coming is designed to make us long for the second read more

“God With Us,” Week 5 — “A Bigger Bang”

A little known fact about Advent and Christmas: in Christian thinking, Jesus first appearance is designed to heighten our anticipation for his second. read more