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A Chance Encounter, A Frustrated Newspaper Career, And UN-Learning As The Key To Wordsmithing

Many moons ago, I had a chance encounter with the late Ben
Haden, a Chattanooga-based pastor with the Presbyterian
Church of America who enjoyed a measure of fame with the television
ministry Changed Lives. Our conversation was on the bucolic
grounds of Camp-of-the-Woods in the Adirondack Mountains,
where I spent a collegiate summer teaching tennis (what else?) and
he spent a week as the guest preacher. read more

What Getting Stuck In The Australian Outback Taught Me About Designing A Sermon. Really!

When I was fourteen, my parents and my older brother Clayton
(he is number seven out of eight, and I round it out
taking the eighth place) and I spent a semester in Australia. My father
was nearing the end of his career as a member of the faculty in
the School of Law at Southern Methodist University (SMU) in Dallas
and he decided to take a six-month study sabbatical in the land
down under. To this day, I have a sneaking suspicion he did a bit
more sabbathing than studying, but that’s not the point of this story
(which, as you know by now, must have only one point). read more

Top Five Tuesday — Top Five Ways Being The Eighth Of Eight Davises Still Influences Me

A lot of you know this, but here goes: I am the eighth of eight children. No blending. All biological. All Davis, all the time. read more

Missing Peace, Week 3 — “The Peace Dividend”

I am loving the “Missing Peace” series.  We had a strong start on January 5, and then Devin Tharp took the series to a whole nother level last Sunday. read more

One Pointed Point Or Many Dull Points?

I still remember my first one point sermon.  It was in the fall of 2006, during a series called Freedom, in a message on forgiveness involving Jacob, Esau, and Joseph.  It landed here: read more

Top Five Tuesday — Top Five (Or Ten) Reflections On A Week In Prague

Julie and I spent the week of January 6-12 in Prague, the Czech Republic. read more

Guest Blogger Devin Tharp — The “Through It All” Sermon Rewind

While the people of Good Shepherd were worshipping in spirit and truth yesterday, Julie and I were returning from a week in Prague, Czech Republic. read more

Missing Peace, Week 2 — “Through It All” This Sunday

If you missed last week’s launch of the “Missing Peace” series, here’s the highlight video: read more