How Me And The Boss Are Bros

Several years ago, I read Peter Ames Carlin’s biography of Bruce Springsteen.

And in reading it, I discovered something I share in common with him.

Not guitar talent.

Not singing voice.

Not ability to write lyrics.

Not even time in New Jersey — my seven years pale in comparison to the sixty-five or so that he has lived there.

No, it’s this: as the book says, he has a tendency toward social isolation while at the same time having a secret desire to be the center of attention. 

Whoa.  That’s an interesting paradox, isn’t it?  Within the same person a desire to escape people and a near-compulsion to be in the spotlight.

And just when I started to think, “man, that guy can sing but he sure is messed up” I realized:  that’s me.

I don’t mind a day alone.  In social situations that don’t involve this church — say, a function for Julie’s job — I can be a pretty good wallflower.  And I loathe going out to lunch after preaching — even if it’s with good friends.  What do I do instead?  Go to the YMCA.  To work out alone.

And yet . . . when the environment involves the church or even the denomination, I become a social butterfly.  I love to mingle.  I enjoy small talk.  And on Sunday mornings, I really, really like to stand up in public and teach, provoke, inspire (sometimes), and console.

So while I’m not necessarily born to run, like Bruce I sometimes wear a brilliant disguise.

Talbot Davis

Talbot Davis

Pastor, Author, Speaker
Talbot Davis is the pastor of Good Shepherd United Methodist Church in Charlotte, North Carolina. Talbot has written edited thousands of sermon series, including five that turned into Bible Study books published by Abingdon Press. Talbot shares his experience on preaching for Christ in his sixth book release, Simplify The Message, Multiply the Impact. His sixth book is ideal for both new and veteran preachers, seminary classrooms, and preaching workshops.
Talbot Davis

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