#TBT — Fall, 1975, A Rare Good Attitude, And An Adventure In “Captaincy”

This photo comes from an event in the fall of 1975 called the “InterZone Championships,” a Texas tournament in which our team from Dallas played against teams from Houston, Austin, San Antonio, and, presumably, Amarillo.

I was 14 and in the photo am surrounded by older players like Reid Freeman who went on to play for Texas A&M, John Low who played for Princeton (he was a senior when I arrived as a freshman), Jeff Turpin, who played for SMU and on the pro tour.  Coach Bobby Hagerman had played for LSU and became a regular practice partner of mine in the coming years (once I got old enough and good enough to play with him, that is).

I am also surrounded by some younger players but I don’t know if or where they played college tennis.

The good news is that our Dallas team won — I suspect that’s why I’m holding the trophy.  I remember that over that weekend I had a good attitude throughout – no whining, no complaining, no racket throwing, and, happily, no losing, either.  All those were departures from the norm.

So I also remember vividly as we received the trophy that the coaches turned to our team and said, “And the captain for the weekend is … Talbot.”  I think the pleasantness of that surprise explains the genuineness of the smile.

Talbot Davis

Talbot Davis

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Talbot Davis is the pastor of Good Shepherd United Methodist Church in Charlotte, North Carolina. Talbot has written edited thousands of sermon series, including five that turned into Bible Study books published by Abingdon Press. Talbot shares his experience on preaching for Christ in his sixth book release, Simplify The Message, Multiply the Impact. His sixth book is ideal for both new and veteran preachers, seminary classrooms, and preaching workshops.
Talbot Davis

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