Double Sermon Rewind

With the surreality of our current situation which led to Livestream worship only, here’s what we did:

We recorded two welcomes — one from April Portrais, our communications director, and one from me.

Then we pointed to a sermon originally preached in the summer of 2019 but with a title and a theme even more relevant to March of 2020:

When Panic Attacks.

Here’s what it all looked like:

Online Worship Gathering

Join us today!

Posted by Good Shepherd Church on Sunday, March 15, 2020

Talbot Davis

Talbot Davis

Pastor, Author, Speaker
Talbot Davis is the pastor of Good Shepherd United Methodist Church in Charlotte, North Carolina. Talbot has written edited thousands of sermon series, including five that turned into Bible Study books published by Abingdon Press. Talbot shares his experience on preaching for Christ in his sixth book release, Simplify The Message, Multiply the Impact. His sixth book is ideal for both new and veteran preachers, seminary classrooms, and preaching workshops.
Talbot Davis

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