Helping preachers be more productive in sermon prep and have more impact in delivery.

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Simplify the Message: Multiply the Impact is designed to help preachers break through the noise of culture and the cauldron of church to deliver sermons with clarity, passion, and boldness.

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A preaching course to help you preach better, more meaningful sermons that audiences find engaging and that have a long-term impact.

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Talbot is the pastor behind Simplify the Message. He’s like you…he leads a congregation every week and has experienced many of the same challenges you face.

The Stakes Are High!

We understand that as a pastor, you want your ministry to have an impact.

You want your sermons to resonnate and inspire lifechange.

But your life is busy. Leading a church and caring for your people takes up a ton of time.

Without a solid sermon-preparation framework, it’s difficult to make sure that you’re maximizing your impact each week.

May we suggest…

Simplifying Your Message. Multiplying Your Impact.

The Simplify The Message Course

Simplify the Message is a course by Talbot Davis designed to help you improve your preaching.

You’ll learn:

  • How to move from preaching a 3-point outline to a pointed point” sermon.
  • How to define and create a bottom line.
  • Types of one-point sermons.
  • How to dig deeper into scripture to draw out and celebrate the sermon adventure.
  • How to use the rhetorical tensions of scripture to help people grow.
  • How to have a bigger impact by empowering & unleashing scripture in people’s lives.
  • How to move from brainstorming about your sermons to brain hurricaning.
  • The importance of wordsmithing and leveraging the power of words as you preach.
  • How to preach without using notes to stay more engaged with your audience.
  • How to create sermon series that pop.
  • Delivery techniques that will make your sermons memorable for years to come.

And how to do it all in a way that honors God, is faithful to the Truth, and helps lead people to lifechange.

What’s Included?

Nine Video Course Modules / Sessions


Fill-in-the-Blank Participant Workbook

Simplify the Message, Multiply the Impact Book


Additional Coaching Webinars + Other Bonuses

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How to Teach Without Notes!

This free preview from Lesson 8 in the course will teach you how to preach without notes.

You’ll learn…

  • How to remember your content,
  • Why you don’t need to memorize your manuscript, and
  • How to be more effective & engaging in your teaching.

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